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Build Your Log Cabin With Dovetail Jigs!

We Provide Customized Dovetail Jig Plans

  • Dovetail Jig Plans


    No scribing or laying out the cut lines. It takes less than 4 minutes to cut all the notches on a log with the jigs! Notch logs for an entire cabin shell in a day! 

  • Dovetail Jig Plans


    Simply attach the jigs to the log with drywall screws. Fire up your chainsaw, and the jig will guide each cut.

  • Dovetail Jig Plans


    The jigs allow you to make perfect cuts every time. No need to make adjustments to the notch after setting the log in place.

  • Dovetail Jig Plans

    Low Cost!

    You can build your log dovetail jigs using just 3/4" plywood and  screws. A few nuts and bolts and two small pieces of wood are also needed for the chainsaw guide. Including the cost of the plans, you will have invested less than $85 for everything (except the chainsaw). Note, the plans cost $28 and can be purchased here.

  • Dovetail Jig Plans


    Cut all of your notches while standing on the ground. No need to climb up 10 feet in the air to swing that hatchet or operate the chainsaw.

The jigs will work for whatever log style you are working with, 4 sided, 2 sided or even 3 sided (D logs)- as long as the interior face of the log is flat.

Why use the half dovetail notch instead of the full dovetail, saddle notch, or some other notch?

The half dovetail is one of many types of notches. It is superior to the others for one simple reason: In the event, any water makes it into the notch, the slope of the notch always directs the water straight away to the outside face of the log. Other notches can trap water within, which will lead to rot.

Custom Jigs for Any Size Logs and for Whatever Gap and Spacing you Need

Building your cabin out of 6x8 timbers and want a 2" gap between the logs? Or maybe 8x12 with a 3" gap? Two sided logs with variable gaps for a more rustic look?

With these plans, you will be able to build a set of customized jigs to meet your specific needs. The instructions will guide you through the easy steps necessary to build jigs tailored for any size log and for any desired gap width.

How durable are the jigs?

The plans include details for making guides and attaching them to your chainsaw bar. This protects the jig from being cut by the saw chain.

The jigs will last for hundreds of cuts. If a part ever does get damaged- it is easily and quickly replaced.

Can I get the plans for free?

Yes! In order to promote the website and the jig plans, I am offering a full refund on purchased plans if the buyer will send me pictures of their jigs and log cabin projects.

Buy the plans. Build your log dovetail jigs and get started on your cabin. Send me pictures I can post on this site. I will refund the entire purchase price for pictures of your build sequence from start to at least the completed log cabin shell (all logs stacked with rafters on). Be sure to include pictures of your log dovetail jigs. 10 photo minimum, minimum size: 1 megabyte

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